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voltaic pile

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Voltaic pile
The voltaic pile was the first electrical battery that could continuously provide an electrical current to a circuit. It was invented by Alessandro Volta, who published his experiments in 1800. The voltaic pile then enabled a rapid series of discoveries including the electrical decomposition (electrolysis) of water into oxygen and hydrogen by William Nicholson and Anthony Carlisle (1800) and the discovery or isolation of the chemical elements sodium (1807), potassium (1807), calcium (1808), boron (1808), barium (1808), strontium (1808), and magnesium (1808) by Humphry Davy. The entire 19th century electrical industry was powered by batteries related to Volta's until the advent of the dynamo (the electrical generator) in the 1870s.

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Wikipédia Français

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Pile voltaïque
La pile à colonne de Volta, ou pile voltaïque, ou encore pile Volta, fut la première pile électrique. Elle a été inventée par Alessandro Volta, qui publia un article à ce sujet en 1800.

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Svenska Wikipedia – den fria encyklopedin

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Voltas stapel
Voltas stapel var det första elektriska batteriet i modern tid. Det konstruerades år 1800 av italienaren Alessandro Volta. Hans namn återfinns inte bara i denna uppfinning, utan även i måttenheten för elektrisk spänning: volt.

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Polska Wikipedia – Darmowa encyklopedia

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Ogniwo Volty
Ogniwo Volty - płytka cynkowa i miedziana zanurzone w roztworze wodnym kwasu siarkowego. Obwód zamknięty: - Zn | H2SO4 | Cu +. Należy do jednych z najstarszych ogniw galwanicznychSiła elektromotoryczna ogniwa wynosi około 1,1 V.

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Wikipedia 日本語 - フリー百科事典

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ボルタ電池とは、イタリア物理学者ボルタが考えた一次電池である。 ガルヴァーニ電池とも呼ばれる。1800年に発明された。


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