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Volatile may refer to:

  • Volatility (chemistry), a measure of the tendency of a substance to vaporize
  • Relative volatility, a measure of vapor pressures of the components in a liquid mixture
  • Volatiles, a group of compounds with low boiling points that are associated with a planet's or moon's crust and/or atmosphere
  • Volatile organic compounds, organic compounds that can evaporate at normal temperature and pressure, and are often regulated by governments
  • Volatile anaesthetics, a class of anaesthetics which evaporate easily
  • Volatile substance abuse, the abuse of household inhalants containing volatile compounds
  • Volatile oil, also known as essential oil, an oil derived from plants with aromatic compounds used in cosmetics and flavoring
  • Volatile acidity, a term used in wine making to indicate an unacceptably high level of acid or vinegar.

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Volatilität (zu ‚fliegend‘, ‚flüchtig‘) bezeichnet in der Statistik die Schwankung von Zeitreihen. Im Folgenden wird erläutert, in welcher Weise dieser Begriff Anwendung in einzelnen Wissenschaften findet.

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Cette page d’ répertorie les différents sujets et articles partageant un même nom.

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Volatilitet är ett begrepp inom finansvärlden för prisrörligheten hos aktier och andra finansiella tillgångar. Enkelt uttryckt beskriver volatilitet hur mycket priset på en finansiell tillgång svänger eller varierar. Ju mer tillgångens värde rör sig upp och ner desto högre volatilitet har tillgången. Stockholmsbörsens volatilitet år 2005 var strax över 20 %.

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