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Tejedor is a folk music group from AvilésAsturias, Spain, consisting originally of three siblings (Jose, Javier and Eva Tejedor). Eva left the band in 2010, being replaced by Silvia Quesada on vocals. Tejedor's members play traditional Asturian styles of music using traditional instruments such as bagpipes, flutes, accordions and guitars.

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El término tejedor (o Tejedor) puede referirse:
  • al tejedor, el artesano que realiza el tejido textil;
  • a la máquina tejedora, también llamada telar:

  • al nombre vulgar del género de aves Ploceidae
  • al nombre vulgar del género de aves Estrildidae (pinzones tejedores)
  • al nombre vulgar del género de insectos Oecophylla (hormigas tejedoras)
  • al nombre atribuido a la actividad de gran parte de las especies de [Araneae (arañas tejedoras -véase telaraña-)

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Tejedor ist der Familienname folgender Personen:
  • Antonio Álvarez Tejedor, spanischer Hispanist und Hochschullehrer

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A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(n.) = weaver.
Ex: The spectre that has been raised of reference librarians as the handloom weavers of the library revolution by the turn of the century is as insubstantial as the prediction fifty years ago that the coming of radio meant the death sentence for gramophone records.

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