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Skim or skimming may refer to:

Sports and games
  • Skimboarding, also skimming, a sport which involves riding a board on wet sand or shallow water
  • Snowmobile skipping, also known as skimming, operating a snowmobile on water
  • Stone skimming, skipping or bouncing a stone on a water surface

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Smart Common Input Method
The Smart Common Input Method platform (SCIM) is an input method (IM) platform containing support for more than thirty languages (CJK and many European languages) for POSIX-style operating systems including Linux and BSD.

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(ちち)は、乳汁(にゅうじゅう)、ミルク ともいい、動物のうち哺乳類幼児に栄養を与えて育てるために母体が作りだす分泌液で、乳房で作られ乳首から体外に出てくる。乳房は血液の赤み(赤血球)をフィルターして乳にする。出産直後に母体から出る乳は初乳と呼ばれ、幼児の免疫上重要なラクトフェリンやIgA(免疫グロブリン)などの成分が多く含まれている。

特に母乳 (ぼにゅう)と呼ぶ場合は、ヒト女性が出すを指すのが、慣例である。



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O leite é um composto nutritivo líqüido, produzido pelas glândulas mamárias das fêmeas dos mamíferos para a alimentação dos filhotes. Em grande parte das espécies, existem duas glândulas ou dois conjuntos de glândulas, uma em cada mamilo localizado na parte frontal superior entre os seres humanos, ou nos quadrúpedes na parte ventral do animal.

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