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quality assurance

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Quality assurance
Quality Assurance (QA) is a way of preventing mistakes or defects in manufactured products and avoiding problems when delivering solutions or services to customers. QA is applied to physical products in pre-production to verify what will be made meets specifications and requirements, and during manufacturing production runs by validating lot samples meet specified quality controls. QA is also applied to software to verify that features and functionality meet business objectives, and that code is relatively bug free prior to shipping or releasing new software products and versions.

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Qualitätssicherung (QS) oder Qualitätskontrolle (Quality Assurance (QA)) ist ein Sammelbegriff für unterschiedliche Ansätze und Maßnahmen zur Sicherstellung festgelegter Qualitätsanforderungen.

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Quality Assurance
Garantía de calidad

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Assurance qualité
On désigne par assurance qualité un moyen d'obtenir confiance dans l'assurance de la qualité c'est-à-dire dans l'aptitude de la société ou de l'organisation à satisfaire le niveau de qualité désiré.

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Kvalitetssäkring innebär att ett systematiskt kvalitetsarbete bedrivs som säkrar kvaliteten på de objekt som kvalitetssäkras.

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