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put down

Babylon English Spanish Dictionary

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put down
asentar, anotar, poner en la lista, poner por escrito, poner en el suelo, apear, poner por el suelo, denigrar

English Spanish dictionary by Jaime Aguirre

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put down
v.- escribir | asentar | colgar (teléfono) | criticar | humillar | rebajar | desmotivar


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put down
<verbo transitivo separable>
1 [lay down] dejar (encima de algún sitio).
2 [quell] sofocar, reprimir.
3 inf [criticize]: to put somebody down
poner mal a alguien.
4 Br [animal] matar (a un animal que es viejo o está enfermo).
5 [write down] apuntar
v. abatir, apuntar, anotar, atribuir, poner en el suelo, dejar, soltar; sacrificar, sofocar; aterrizar;
put one's foot down
oponerse enérgicamente; poner la proa;
cerrarse uno a la banda
put me down for 2
apúntame para 2
put it down on my account
póngalo en mi cuenta

put down to
achacar a
ver put down

An English-Spanish Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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put down
(v.) = criticar, humillar, rebajar, menospreciar.
Ex: 'Specifically, I'm told you delight in putting down the professional'.
put down2
(v.) = escribir, asentar.
Ex: Any individual might engage in different information managament activities aimed at putting down new information through writing, glossing, assembling or extracting, and so forth.
put down3
(v.) = matar, sacrificar.
Ex: My 17 year old dog had to be put down a few weeks ago and it's heartbreaking.
(n.) = menosprecio, desprecio, desaire, humillación.
Ex: Overt abuse definitions included put-downs, criticism, foul language, explosive anger, and neglect.

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