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possessive pronoun

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A possessive form is a word or grammatical construction used to indicate a relationship of possession in a broad sense. In English, possession is in fact expressed in only about 40 percent of the situations labeled as "possessive" by some linguists, which is why many consider the term incorrect and misleading and instead prefer others, especially the more traditional term "genitive".

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Bezittelijk voornaamwoord
Het bezittelijk voornaamwoord (afgekort: bez.vnw. ook wel het Pronomen possessivum of possessief pronomen) is het voornaamwoord dat de relatie tussen de persoon en een zelfstandig naamwoord aangeeft.

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Pronom possessif
En grammaire française, le pronom possessif est une sous-catégorie de pronom ayant la particularité d'être doublement représentant : en effet, d'une part, il renvoie à un objet possédé, d'autre part, il renvoie à un possesseur.

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possessive pronoun
posvojna zamjenica  

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possessive pronoun

possessive pronoun
possessive pronoun, a pronoun denoting ownership; as, his name; her home; my book...
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