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outside plant

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Outside plant
In telecommunication, the term outside plant has the following meanings:

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Planta externa
Planta externa es toda la infraestructura exterior o medios enterrados, tendidos o dispuestos a la intemperie por medio de los cuáles una empresa de telecomunicaciones o energía ofrece sus servicios al cliente que lo requiere.

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Der Begriff Linientechnik ist Fachjargon der Deutschen Bundespost Telekom (heute Deutsche Telekom) und umfasst den Bau und die Unterhaltung des Telefonnetzes. Dazu gehören die Einrichtungen des "Ortsanschlussnetzes":

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Telecommunication Standard Terms Dictionary

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outside plant
1. In telephony, all cables, conduits, ducts, poles, towers, repeaters, repeater huts, and other equipment located between a demarcation point in a switching facility and a demarcation point in another switching facility or customer premises. Note: The demarcation point may be at a distribution framecable head, or microwave transmitter. 2. In DOD communications, the portion of intrabase communications equipment between the main distribution frame (MDF) and a user end instrument or the terminal connection for a user instrument. (188 )

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