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negative entropy

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The negentropy, also negative entropy or syntropy or extropy or entaxy, of a living system is the entropy that it exports to keep its own entropy low; it lies at the intersection of entropy and life. The concept and phrase "negative entropy" were introduced by Erwin Schrödinger in his 1944 popular-science book What is Life? Later, Léon Brillouin shortened the phrase to negentropy, to express it in a more "positive" way: a living system imports negentropy and stores it. In 1974, Albert Szent-Györgyi proposed replacing the term negentropy with syntropy. That term may have originated in the 1940s with the Italian mathematician Luigi Fantappiè, who tried to construct a unified theory of biology and physicsBuckminster Fuller tried to popularize this usage, but negentropy remains common.

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La néguentropie ou entropie négative, est un facteur d'organisation des systèmes physiques, et éventuellement sociaux et humains, qui s'oppose à la tendance naturelle à la désorganisation: l'entropie.

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negative entropy
(Lex*) αρνητική εντροπία

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negative entropy
[física] s. entropia negativa, f.; negaentropia, f. Também negentropy

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