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A mother (or mum/mom/mam) is a woman who has raised a child, given birth to a child, and/or supplied the egg which in union with a sperm grew into a child. The definition can also be extended to non-human animals and may then also include being the animal that donated a body cell which has resulted in a clone. Because of the complexity and differences of a mother's social, cultural, and religious definitions and roles, it is challenging to specify a universally acceptable definition for the term.

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Mother (video game)
is a role-playing video game developed by Nintendo Tokyo Research and Development Products in cooperation with Ape. The game was published for the Nintendo Family Computer. It was designed and directed by Shigesato Itoi and produced by Shigeru Miyamoto, with music by Keiichi Suzuki and Hirokazu Tanaka. It is the first game in the Mother video game series (otherwise known as the EarthBound series), and was never released outside of Japan. In 2003, the game was re-released in Japan as a compilation with its sequel EarthBound as Mother 1+2, containing the changes found in the unreleased English prototype. The game's taglines are and .

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Moeder is de naam voor een vrouw of vrouwelijk dier met nageslacht. Meestal zal de vrouw het nageslacht zelf gebaard hebben, dan wordt gesproken van de biologische moeder. Als het kind een andere moeder heeft, dan wordt al naargelang de situatie gesproken van een adoptiemoeder, pleegmoeder of stiefmoeder maar in de praktijk wordt deze vaak ook moeder genoemd.

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La madre, en el contexto biológico es aquel ser vivo de sexo femenino que ha tenido descendencia directa. El enlace maternal describe los sentimientos que una madre tiene por sus hijos.

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Eine Mutter ist der weibliche Elternteil eines Kindes.

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Mutter (Rammstein)

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Wikipédia Français

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Une mère est le parent biologique ou adoptif de sexe féminin d'un enfant, le parent biologique ou adoptif de sexe masculin d'un enfant étant le père.

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