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El miedo o temor es una emoción caracterizada por un intenso sentimiento, habitualmente desagradable, provocado por la percepción de un peligro, real o supuesto, presente, futuro o incluso pasado. Es una emoción primaria que se deriva de la aversión natural al riesgo o la amenaza, y se manifiesta en todos los animales, por ejemplo el ser humano. La máxima expresión del miedo es el terror. Además el miedo está relacionado con la ansiedad.

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A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(n.) = fear ; horror ; trepidation ; scare ; fright ; funk ; dread ; wussiness.
Ex: Many respondents confessed to well-justified fears that if they lose their existing specialists, the 'cut and squeeze' method of reducing establishments would not allow them to replace such staff.
Ex: In recent years, then, there has been much less scaremongering about the imagined horrors of drowning in a sea of paper.
Ex: This trepidation is somewhat quieted when students discover the abundance of bibliographical guides that list and describe reference works.
Ex: These stories are sometimes treated inaccurately, creating health scares and misinformation.
Ex: The article is entitled 'Children's fright reactions to television news'.
Ex: Generally speaking, however, what can paralyze some people is fear, creating the potential to fail out of sheer funk.
Ex: Forecasting techniques should be viewed not with skepticism and dread but with hope and a positive attitude.
Ex: So, anyway, I now have a new appreciation for this song and for Jackson Browne in particular, despite his wussiness.
* cagarse de miedo = shit + bricks ; shit.
* coger miedo = scare + Reflexivo.
* con miedo = fearfully ; afraid ; frightened.
* cosas que dan miedo = things that go bump in the night.
* disipar el miedo = assuage + fear.
* dominar el miedo = conquer + fear.
* encogerse de miedo = cower ; cringe ; cringe with + fear.
* entrar miedo = become + jittery.
* esconderse de miedo = cower.
* estar blanco de miedo = be white with fear.
* estar muerto de miedo = be scared stiff ; be frightened to death ; be petrified of ; be terrified ; be scared to death.
* estar pálido de miedo = be pale with fear.
* estar temblando de miedo = be frightened to death ; be scared to death.
* expresar miedo = express + fear.
* infundir miedo = instil + fear.
* meter miedo = frighten ; scare.
* miedo a las tablas = stage fright.
* miedo a la tecnología = techno-fear [technofear].
* miedo al escenario = stage fright.
* miedo a lo desconocido = fear of the unknown.
* miedo al ordenador = computer anxiety.
* miedo continuo = nagging fear.
* miedo escénico = stage fright.
* miedo hacia lo desconocido = fear of the unknown.
* miedo mortal = mortal fear.
* miedo nuclear = nuclear fear.
* morirse de miedo = scare + Nombre + to death.
* mostrar miedo = show + fear.
* no hacer Algo por miedo = wimp out (on) ; wimp ; chicken out (on/of) ; funk ; lose + Posesivo + bottle.
* no tener sentido del miedo = have + no sense of fear.
* palidecer de miedo = turn + pale with fear.
* ponerse blanco de miedo = turn + white with fear.
* ponerse pálido de miedo = turn + pale with fear.
* por miedo = out of fear.
* por miedo a = for fear of/that.
* por miedo de = for fear of/that.
* que da miedo = scary .
* retirarse por miedo = wimp out (on) ; wimp ; chicken out (on/of) ; funk ; lose + Posesivo + bottle.
* sembrar el miedo = spread + fear.
* sentir miedo = be in fear ; feel + frightened.
* sentirse con miedo = feel + frightened.
* sin miedo = with confidence ; fearlessly ; unafraid.
* superar el miedo = overcome + Posesivo + fear ; conquer + fear.
* temblar de miedo = shake in + Posesivo + boots.
* tener miedo = be afraid ; be in fear ; frighten.
* tener miedo a = be scared of.
* tener miedo a Alguien = regard + Nombre + with fear.
* vencer el miedo = face + Posesivo + fears ; conquer + fear ; overcome + Posesivo + fear.
* vivir con miedo = live in + fear.

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nm. trepidation, fear; apprehension, nervousness


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 m страх, боязън, уплаха; tener ~ страх ме е; dar ~ плаша; ~ cerval прен. ужас, огромен страх; cagarse (ciscarse) uno de ~ прен., разг. насирам се от страх; dar un susto al ~ прен., разг. грозен съм като смъртта; de ~ разг. (с гл. estar) а) страхотен; б) ужасен, за страх; в) много голям, ужасен; г) от страх; morirse uno de ~ разг. умирам от страх; mucho ~ y poca vergьenza за човек, който се страхува от наказанието за нещо, но не се срамува да го направи; no haya(s) ~ не бой се.

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