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Hada may refer to:
  • Hada, or Khata, traditional ceremonial scarf used in Tibet and Mongolia.
  • Hada (surname), a Japanese and Romanian surname
  • , fairy (Spanish).
  • Hada (肌), skin (Japan).
  • Hada. calm (Arab).
  • Hada(하다 ), to do (Korea)
  • Hada (activist), Mongol activist advocating for the separation of Inner Mongolia from the People's Republic of China
  • Hada (clan), clan of Rajputs, a branch of the Chauhan clan of Agnivanshi rajputs
  • Hada (moth), a moth genus
  • Hada Town (哈达镇)
    • Hada, Jidong County, in Heilongjiang, China
    • Hada, Fushun County, in Liaoning, China
  • Hyderabad Airport Development Authority

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nf. fairy, sprite

JM Latin English Dictionary

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a small piece of land.

Swedish English Online Dictionary

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A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 13.5

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(n.) = fairy ; faery [faerie].
Ex: The good and bad fairies are categories of experience, and the triumph of the good fairy is a reassuring generalization about overcoming danger.
Ex: Faeries could be either good or evil creatures, and at various points in history have been confused with witches and demons.
* ala de hada = fairy wing.
* cuento de hadas = fairy story ; fairy tale [fairytale].
* hada madrina = fairy godmother.

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