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Fast Low-Ionization Emission Region
Fast Low-Ionization Emission Region, or FLIER, is the name for volumes of gas with low ionization near the symmetry axis of many planetary nebulae. Red in color, they bolt out from planetary nebulae, clouds of ejected material from sunlike, old stars in the process of dying and exploding, at supersonic speeds. The Blinking Planetary features a set of FLIERs squirting horizontally from the nebula. Their outflow speeds are significantly higher than the nebulae in which they are embedded, and their ionizations are much lower. FLIERs' high speeds suggest ages much younger than their parent nebulae, and their low ionizations indicate that the ultraviolet radiation that ionizes the gas around them does not penetrate into the FLIERs.

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Flyer or flier may refer to:

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Flier ist der Name folgender Personen:

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Cette page d’ répertorie les différents sujets et articles partageant un même nom.
Flyer est un mot anglais qui, au sens premier, désigne un objet volant (exemple : pilote d'avion). En anglais américain (et parfois en français comme américanisme), il peut également désigner un tract publicitaire pour les graphistes.

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Flyer kan avse:

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