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Expressivity is a term used in genetics to refer to variations in a phenotype among individuals carrying a particular genotype. The term can be used to characterize qualitatively or quantitatively the extent of phenotypic variation given a particular genotype. The term is analogous to the severity of a condition in clinical medicine. For example, the volume of blood ejected from the pumping heart with each contraction, relative to the total amount of blood contained in the heart's chamber can be quantified by echocardiography and is called the ejection fraction. If a specific genotype is associated with the development of congestive heart failure, the expressivity would be represented by the range of ejection fractions seen in patients that have that genotype. As a more qualitative example, the "blue" gene might have an expressivity of 25 or individuals that express the "blue" gene and appear light blue, and 75 or individuals that express the "blue" gene and appear dark blue. Expressivity is measured only when there is 100% penetrance.

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گويا،رسا،پرمعنى ،حاکى ،اشاره کننده ،مشعر
روانشناسى : بيانگر

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[.adj]: گويا ، رسا ، پرمعنى ، حاکى ، اشاره کننده ، مشعر
{روان شناسى}: بيانگر
واژه هاى شامل
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