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Una enfermedad es, en términos generales, un proceso y, también, el estatus consecuente de afección de un ser vivo, caracterizado por una alteración perjudicial de su estado de salud. El estado o proceso de enfermedad puede ser provocado por diversos factores tanto intrínsecos como extrínsecos al organismo enfermo: estos factores se denominan noxas (del griego νόσος, nósos: 'enfermedad', 'afección de la salud').

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Doença (do latim dolencia = padecimento) é o estado resultante da consciência da perda da homeostasia de um organismo vivo, total ou parcial, estado este que pode cursar devido a infecçõesinflamaçõesisquémias, modificações genéticas, sequelas de traumahemorragiasneoplasias ou disfunções orgânicas. Distingue-se da enfermidade, que é a alteração danosa do organismo. O dano patológico pode ser estrutural ou funcional.

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(v.) = become + ill ; fall + ill ; get + sick ; sicken ; get + ill.
Ex: However, many attempts to actively involve the community in reducing its risks of becoming ill have met with failure.
Ex: The largest group of metaphors compared firms to living (especially human) beings: companies are born, fall ill, have children, die, etc.
Ex: When some of the parrots got sick, he nursed them back to health, and they in turn brought him back to life.
Ex: A rare strain of salmonella in dry pet food has sickened at least eight people this year, in addition to the 71 people who have fallen ill since 2006.
Ex: If you recall, Bisi was pregnant for Ijaodola before she got ill and the pregnancy had to be terminated to save her life.
* enfermar de = come down with ; go down with.
Ex: Gulf War vets are coming down with these symptoms at twice the rate of vets from previous conflicts.

(n.) = patient ; sufferer.
Ex: A record is a complete unit of information about a person, item, product, book, patient, chemical, etc.
Ex: In the Netherlands there are currently some 20,000 sufferers from this affliction.
* enfermo de Alzheimer = Alzheimer's patient.
* enfermo de Asperger = Aspie ; Aspergian.
* enfermo de cáncer = cancer patient.
* enfermo de lepra = leper.
* enfermo diabético = diabetic patient.
* enfermo en fase terminal = terminally ill patient.
* enfermo mayor de edad = elderly patient.
* enfermo mental = mental patient ; mentally ill.
* enfermos crónicos, los = chronically ill, the.
* enfermos en fase terminal, los = terminally ill, the.
* enfermos mentales, los = mentally disturbed, the ; mentally handicapped, the ; mentally ill, the ; insane, the.
* enfermos terminales, los = terminally ill, the.
* enfermo terminal = terminal patient ; terminally ill patient.
* los enfermos = sick, the.
* visita a los enfermos = work round.

(adj.) = sick ; ill ; poorly ; poor health ; unwell ; ailing.
Ex: Do not use the negative (e.g. use sick instead of not healthy).
Ex: Leforte asked said Leforte with much curiosity and concern, 'Is anything wrong? Are you ill? Is there anything I can do?'.
Ex: Tuan is his new father figure after his real dad sadly died after being poorly for a long time.
Ex: Much of his later life he lived in reclusion, loneliness, poor health, and despair.
Ex: Sometimes there is no doubt that your child is unwell, however there may be times when you can't tell.
Ex: John W. Gardner, when he was president of the Carnegie Corporation, said 'Most ailing organizations have developed a functional blindness to their own defects'.
* caer enfermo = become + ill ; fall + ill ; get + sick ; get + ill.
* caer enfermo de = come down with ; go down with.
* enfermo crónico = chronically ill.
* enfermo de amor = lovesick ; lovestricken.
* enfermo de cáncer = cancer-stricken.
* enfermo de gravedad = seriously ill.
* enfermo de preocupación = sick with worry ; ill with worry.
* enfermo físico = physically ill.
* enfermo grave = seriously ill.
* enfermo incurable = incurably ill.
* enfermo mentalmente = mentally ill.
* estar a punto de caer enfermo = be sickening for.
* estar enfermo = be ill.
* estar enfermo de amor = be lovesick.
* estar gravemente enfermo = be critically ill.
* fingir estar enfermo = malinger.
* gravemente enfermo = seriously ill.
* hacerse el enfermo = malinger.
* hacer sentir enfermo = make + Nombre + sick ; make + Nombre + feel sick in the stomach.
* poner enfermo = make + Nombre + sick ; sicken ; make + Nombre + feel sick in the stomach.
* ponerse enfermo = get + sick ; get + ill ; become + ill ; fall + ill.
* ponerse enfermo de = come down with ; go down with.
* sentirse enfermo = feel + sick.

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adj. sickly, ill; diseased; troubled; unfit; suffering
nm. ill; sufferer; patient; invalid
v. fall ill, sicken

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