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economic boom

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economic boom
thriving of the economy, rapid expansion or increase of the economy

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Boom and bust
In economics, boom and bust is a process characterized by sustained increases in several economic indicators followed It refers The phrase “boom Times of increased business and investment have seen these collapse leaving widespread poverty such as the depressions of 1837 and For example, in the early 1800s in Ohio people were buying land on credit to sell at twice the price but land became too expensive to buy. At the same time, wheat prices became too low to transport wheat to market. Wheat was $1.50 per bushel in 1816; In 1894 someone wrote, “Of course it stood to reason that the music hall boom would bust sooner or later . . . In fact the boom has busted and according to the published balance sheet the Alhambra has suffered as much ” Business leaders such as automaker Paul Hoffman have used the phrase in calling for increased civic responsibility toward taming the business cycle; he also said, “we cannot live with a crash” in reference to 26 depressions over 100 years Some authors have used “boom and bust” Other ways of saying unwanted changes sales have been William Forbes uses the phrase in his textbook on finance, in which he identifies credit characteristics of boom and of bust:
1. Indicators of boom include banks extending more credit
  • for domestic consumption activities
  • for “investments” in the commodities, stock, and housing markets
  • and for imports of goods made in developing countries

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economic boom
økonomisk boom, hurtig vækst i økonomien

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economic boom
rownaq-e eqtesādi

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