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El delito es definido como una acción típica, antijurídica, imputable, culpable, sometida a una sanción penal, y a veces a condiciones objetivas de punibilidad. Supone una conducta infraccional del Derecho penal, es decir, una acción u omisión tipificada y penada por la ley.

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Em um sentido vulgar, crime é um ato que viola uma norma moral.

Num sentido formal, crime é uma violação da lei penal incriminadora.

No conceito material, crime é uma ação ou omissão que se proíbe e se procura evitar, ameaçando-a com pena, porque constitui ofensa (dano ou perigo) a um bem jurídico individual ou coletivo.

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(n.) = crime ; criminal act ; offense [offence, -UK] ; misdeed ; criminal offence ; tort ; offence [offense, -USA].
Ex: Some headings are vague and without scope notes to define them: ROBBERS AND OUTLAWS; crime AND CRIMINALS; ROGUES AND VAGABONDS.
Ex: Simenon may be read by many people for amusement only, but if we read him thoughtfully he shows us a variety of insights into the kind of crises that push people into criminal acts.
Ex: The author categorizes an impeachable offense as one that threatens the safety of the country, either as treason or bribery.
Ex: By preserving and ensuring access to the sordid history told in the tales of the tobacco industry documents, there is hope that as a nation we will not allow a repeat of the mistakes and misdeeds of the past.
Ex: Works on alcoholic intoxication as a criminal offense are entered under the heading Drunkenness.
Ex: Librarians have traditionally been concerned with giving rather than selling information and information supplied negligently is dealt with by the law of torts: civil wrongs independent of contract.
Ex: The study suggests a simple publicity campaign with particular emphasis on the penalty with goes with the offence.
* acusaciones de delito criminal = criminal charges.
* autor de un delito = perpetrator.
* brigada de delitos económicos = fraud squad.
* brigada de delitos monetarios = fraud squad.
* cometer un delito = commit + a crime ; carry out + a crime ; commit + offence.
* condena por delito grave = felony conviction.
* consumar un delito = carry out + a crime.
* declaración de culpabilidad por delito grave = felony conviction.
* delito cibernético = cybercrime.
* delito contra el medioambiente = environmental crime.
* delito contra la flora y la fauna = wildlife crime.
* delito contra la propiedad = property crime.
* delito criminal = digital crime.
* delito de discriminación = hate crime.
* delito de drogas = drug offense.
* delito de menor grado = misdemeanour [misdimeanor, -USA].
* delito de violencia = violent crime ; crime of violence ; violence crime.
* delito grave = felony ; serious offence.
* delito informático = computer crime.
* delito menor = misdemeanour [misdimeanor, -USA] ; petty offense ; petty crime ; minor offence.
* delito motivado por el odio = hate crime.
* delito motivado por prejuicios = hate crime.
* delito penal = criminal offence ; penal offence.
* delito por motivos discriminatorios = hate crime.
* delito relacionado con las drogas = drug offense.
* delito sexual = sex crime ; sexual offence.
* delito violento = violent crime ; crime of violence.
* esclarecer un delito = clear up + a crime.
* objeto de delito contra el estado = impeachable.
* ser acusado de delito criminal = face + criminal charge.

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