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A crop is a volunteered or cultivated plant (any plant) whose product is harvested by a human at some point of its growth stage. Plants which have not been cultivated but whose product are harvested, are not really classified as crops. The same goes for plants which have been planted, but are never harvested. Flowers are classified as crops because when it has been cultivated, its harvesting also include the aesthetic purpose it serves. Crops refer to plants of same kind that are grown on a large scale for foodclothing, and other human uses. They are non-animal species or varieties grown to be harvested as food, livestock fodderfuel or for any other economic purpose (for example, for use as dyes, medicinal, and cosmetic use).

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Crop (disambiguation)
Crop may refer to:
  • Crop, a plant grown and harvested for agricultural use
  • Crop (anatomy), part of the alimentary tract of some animals
  • Crop (implement), a modified whip used in horseback riding or disciplining humans (as punishment or in BDSM)
  • Crop factor, a multiplier factor in digital photography/imaging, compared to 35mm film camera focal length, see APS-C
  • Crop (hairstyle), a woman's short hairstyle
  • CROP (polling firm), a Canadian polling and market research company
  • Cropping (punishment), the removal of a person's ears as a punishment
  • Cropping (animal), cutting the ears of an animal shorter, usually trimming to shape the pinnae
  • Cropping (image), to remove unwanted outer parts of an image
  • Scrapbooking, also called cropping, the creation of cards and or scrap-books in unique and creative ways as a hobby

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Cropping [] (englisch für abschneiden, stutzen) ist das Beschneiden von Bildrändern, um das Bildformat in ein anderes Format zu übernehmen, ohne dass dabei schwarze Ränder entstehen oder das Bild verzerrt werden muss. Insbesondere beim Film sind bestimmte Seitenverhältnisse (aspect ratio) zu berücksichtigen.

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Als Feldfrüchte bezeichnet man auf dem Feld bzw. im Ackerbau gezogene Kulturpflanzen wie z. B. KartoffelnRüben und Getreide im Unterschied zu Garten-, Wald- und Baumfrüchten.

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Cette page d’ répertorie les différents sujets et articles partageant un même nom.

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Crop ("raccolto" in inglese) può riferirsi a:
  • Crop circles - fenomeno cosiddetto dei "cerchi nel grano"
  • Fattore di crop - costante che si utilizza per convertire la focale di un dispositivo fotografico reflex
  • Cropping - operazione di ritaglio dei bordi di un'immagine digitale
  • Comparative Research Programme on Poverty (CROP) - rete internazionale di ricerca sociale sulla povertà

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