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En los campos de la arquitectura e ingeniería, la construcción es el arte o técnica de fabricar edificios e infraestructuras. En un sentido más amplio, se denomina construcción a todo aquello que exige, antes de hacerse, disponer de un proyecto y una planificación predeterminada.

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A Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

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(n.) = building ; construction ; construction project ; construction ; erection ; property development ; construction work.
Ex: Some libraries find that it is difficult to convey all the necessary information in a simple manner, merely because the collection is large, or housed in various separate buildings and wings, and the shelving sequence is complex.
Ex: In the attempt to match the above criteria, there are two fundamentally distinct avenues to the construction of the schedules of a classification scheme.
Ex: Library governing boards need a solid understanding of building sciences, prior to launching a new construction, renovation, or addition project.
Ex: Out of 18 different education programs conducted by small companies, two-thirds were conducted by manufacturing companies, the remainder were in health services, construction, or transportation companies.
Ex: The war years heralded several changes, one of them being the erection of a new library building.
Ex: Golf courses are emerging as one of the most environmentally rapacious and socially divisive forms of tourist and property development.
Ex: He said the project will go ahead as planned with construction work kicking off next month.
* asesor técnico en construcción de bibliot = library building consultant.
* bloque de construcción = building block.
* ciencias de la construcción = building sciences.
* construcción de caminos = road construction.
* construcción de carreteras = road construction.
* construcción de casas = building construction.
* construcción de diques = diking [dyking].
* construcción de edificios = building construction.
* construcción de muros = walling.
* construcción de presas = damming.
* construcción de represas = damming.
* construcción naval = shipbuilding.
* Construcción Pasiva de un Verbo = get + Participio.
* de construcción básica = brick and frame.
* de construcción sólida = solidly-built ; well-built.
* de reciente construcción = newly-built.
* diseño de construcción en forma de cubo = deep plan.
* en construcción = under development ; under construction.
* en proceso de construcción = under construction.
* industria de la construcción, la = construction industry, the ; building industry, the.
* ingeniería de la construcción = construction engineering.
* material de construcción = building material.
* obrero de la construcción = construction worker.
* permiso de construcción = building permit.
* proyecto de construcción = construction project.
* suministros de construcción = building supplies.
* técnica de construcción = construction technique.
* terreno en construcción = building site.

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nf. construction; erection, building, structure


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