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bench trial

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Bench trial
A bench trial is a trial by judge as opposed to a trial by jury. The term is chiefly used in common law jurisdictions which use both trials by a judge and by a jury, so as to distinguish as to the type of trial. Many legal systems (RomanIslamic) use bench trials for most or all cases or for certain types of cases.

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Bench Trial
Also called court trial. A bench trial is another term for a trial before a judge only without a jury. In general, the parties begin with the presentation of evidence, although in some cases they make opening statements. After the plaintiff finishes presenting his evidence, the defendant presents her case. After the defendant concludes her presentation, the plaintiff may rebut the defendant's case. Rarely are closing arguments made. The judge may rule immediately, but more often takes anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks to consider the evidence and reach a decision.

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