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Pulmonary alveolus
An alveolus (plural: alveoli, from Latin alveolus, "little cavity") is an anatomical structure that has the form of a hollow cavity. Found in the lung parenchyma, the pulmonary alveoli are the terminal ends of the respiratory tree, which outcrop from either alveolar sacs or alveolar ducts, which are both sites of gas exchange with the blood as well. Alveoli are particular to mammalian lungs. Different structures are involved in gas exchange in other vertebrates. The alveolar membrane is the gas-exchange surface. Carbon dioxide rich blood is pumped from the rest of the body into the alveolar blood vessels where, through diffusion, it releases its carbon dioxide and absorbs oxygen.

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Pulmonaire alveolen of longblaasjes zijn alveolen in de longen. Het zijn de uiteinden van de luchtpijptakjes, waar de gaswisseling tijdens de ademhaling plaats vindt. CO2 wordt er afgegeven aan de lucht, O2 wordt er opgenomen door het bloed. Ze bestaan uit alveolaire dekcellen en septale cellen.

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Alvéolo pulmonar
Los alvéolos pulmonares son los divertículos terminales del árbol bronquial, en los que tiene lugar el intercambio gaseoso entre el aire inspirado y la sangre.

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Alvéole (anatomie)
Un alvéole est un mince sac creux qui prolonge les voies respiratoires, où se déroulent les échanges gazeux avec le sang.

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Alveolo polmonare
L'alveolo polmonare è una componente del parenchima polmonare. Nell'albero respiratorio si trova in posizione terminale, dopo i bronchioli polmonari, coi quali costituisce l'elemento base dell'architettura del polmone, il lobulo polmonare.

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