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During the Roman KingdomRoman Republic and later, adlecti, or allecti were those who were chosen to fill up a vacancy in any office or collegium, and especially those who were chosen to fill up the proper number of the senate. As these would be generally equitesFestus defines the adlecti to be equites added to the senate: and he appears in this passage to make a distinction between the adlecti and the conscripti. This distinction is supported by the summons form used to call the senate which reads pares and conscripti beginning in 509 BC. Others argue that they were the same; for in another passage, Festus gives the same definition of the conscripti as he had done of the adlecti, and Livy (ii.1) says conscriptos in novum senatum appellabant lectos.

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canon-elect| one elected into collegium
draw gently to| entice| lure| induce (sleep)| attract| win over| encourage

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adlectus, adlecti
n. m. canon-elect, one elected into collegium; 
adlego, adlegere, adlegi, adlectus
v. choose, admit, elect, recruit, select, appoint; 
adlicio, adliciere, adlexi, adlectus
v. draw gently to, entice, lure, induce (sleep), attract, win over, encourage; 

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