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The saddle is a supportive structure for a rider or other load, fastened to an animal's back by a girth. The most common type is the equestrian saddle designed for a horse, but specialized saddles have been created for camels and other creatures. It is not known precisely when riders first began to use some sort of padding or protection, but a blanket attached by some form of surcingle or girth was probably the first "saddle," followed later by more elaborate padded designs. The solid tree was a later invention, and though early stirrup designs predated the invention of the solid tree, the paired stirrup, which attached to the tree, was the last element of the saddle to reach the basic form that is still used today. Today, modern saddles come in a wide variety of styles, each designed for a specific equestrianism discipline, and require careful fit to both the rider and the horse. Proper saddle care can extend the useful life of a saddle, often for decades.

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Silla de montar
La montura o silla de montar es un elemento que une al jinete a los lomos de un caballo. Es usada para la mayor comodidad del jinete y para cuidar el lomo del animal. En México, la silla de montar es la silla charra.

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Selle (équitation)
La selle est un objet,en cuir ou Synthétique, placé sur le dos d'un cheval et sur lequel le cavalier se place.

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Il Saddle è un fiume dell'America settentrionale che attraversa la Contea di Bergen (New Jersey). Il fiume attraversa zone di periferia densamente popolate per gran parte del suo corso.

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En ridsadel är en utrustning som används vid ridning för att ryttaren skall få en bekväm och stabil sittställning. Sadeln skall vara utformad så att den fördelar trycket jämnt över hästens rygg, vilket även gör det bekvämare för hästen. För att hålla sadeln ren mot hästens svett och för att skydda hästen mot skavsår används ett sadelunderlägg kallat vojlock.

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