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Nebennierenrinde (die)
nf. adrenal cortex, yellowish outer layer of the adrenal gland which secretes steroids in response to the release of corticotropins by the pituitary gland

Reuter Medizin (by Peter Reuter)

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(f) adrenal cortex, suprarenal cortex,
cortex of suprarenal gland, interrenal system, cortical
substance of suprarenal gland, external substance of
suprarenal gland . 
definitive Nebennierenrinde
 definitive adrenal cortex . 
fötale Nebennierenrinde
 fetal adrenal cortex, primi-
tive adrenal cortex . 

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Germana-Esperanta Vortaro

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(Anatomie) surrena kortiko

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