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Narrative mode

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Narrative mode
The narrative mode (also known as the mode of narration) is the set of methods the author of a literary, theatrical, cinematic, or musical story uses to convey the plot to the audience. Narration, the process of presenting the narrative, occurs because of the narrative mode. It encompasses several overlapping areas, most importantly narrative point-of-view, which determines through whose perspective the story is viewed and narrative voice, which determines a set of consistent features regarding the way through which the story is communicated to the audience. Narrative mode is a literary element.

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נקודת תצפית (ספרות)

נקודת תצפית היא מונח בספרות המציין את עמדת הדובר או הדמויות ביצירה, את הידע שלהם ואת הפרספקטיבה שלהם, והיא שם כולל למערך הנורמות והידע של הדובר או של הדמויות.

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