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Manchu people
The Manchus (; ) are members of an indigenous people of Manchuria also known as red tasseled Manchus (; 红缨满洲) because of their traditional hat ornaments. Manchus are the largest branch of the Tungusic peoples and are chiefly distributed throughout China, forming the fourth largest ethnic group and the third largest ethnic minority group in that country. They can be found in 31 Chinese provincial regions. It is also the largest minority group in China without an autonomous region. Among them, Liaoning has the largest population and HebeiHeilongjiangJilinInner Mongolia and Beijing has over 100,000 Manchu residents. About half of the population live in Liaoning province and one-fifth in Hebei province. There are a number of Manchu autonomous counties in China, such as XinbinXiuyanQinglongFengningYitongQingyuanWeichangKuanchengBenxiKuandianHuanrenFengchengBeizhen and over 300 Manchu towns and townships.

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Los manchúes (chino simplificado: 满族; chino tradicional: 滿族; pinyin: Mǎnzú) son un grupo étnico, originario de Manchuria.

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Philippe Bouchet, plus connu sous le pseudonyme de Manchu, né le à Cholet, est un illustrateur de science-fiction.

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Les Mandchous sont un peuple d'Asie vivant principalement en Mandchourie. Les Jurchens prirent le nom de Mandchous quand ils envahirent la Chine au .

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Manciù (o anche Manchulingua mancese: Manjucinese: 滿族; cinese semplificato: 满族; pinyin: Mǎnzú) è il nome con il quale viene riconosciuta dopo il XVII secolo l'antica etnia Jurchi (in mongolo: Jürchen). Gli Jurchi affondano le proprie radici nel II millennio a.C. ed oltre.

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