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Kotonishiki Katsuhiro
Kotonishiki Katsuhiro (born June 8, 1968 as Hideyuki Matsuzawa) is a former sumo wrestler from TakasakiGunma PrefectureJapan. He began his career in 1984, reaching the top makuuchi division in 1989. He won two top division tournament titles from the maegashira ranks (the only wrestler ever to do so), the first in 1991 and the second in 1998. His highest rank was sekiwake, which he held 21 times. He earned eighteen special prizes during his career, second on the all-time list, and defeated yokozuna eight times when ranked as a maegashira. He retired in 2000 and is now a sumo coach at Oguruma stable.

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琴錦 功宗(ことにしき かつひろ、1968年(昭和43年)6月8日 - )は群馬県群馬郡箕郷町(現・高崎市)出身の元大相撲力士佐渡ヶ嶽部屋所属。本名は松澤英行。最高位は東関脇。現役時代の体格は177cm、142kg。得意技は突き、押し、右四つ、寄り、もろ差し、掬い投げ。現在は年寄中村


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Kotonishiki profile -Current Takenawa Oyakata

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