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Io, IO, I/O, i/o, or i.o. may refer to:

  • iO Theater (ImprovOlympic), a theater in Chicago, Illinois, dedicated to improvisational comedy
  • I.O. West, a Los Angeles theater associated with the Chicago iO
  • Image orthicon tube, a TV camera used between 1946 and 1968
  • Indian Ocean, Indian Ocean
  • Indirect object, the object that is the recipient of an action (by a verb)
  • i.o., in illo ordine, Latin phrase meaning "respectively" ("in that order")
  • Industrial organization, the field of economics that studies the strategic behavior of firms, the structure of markets and their interactions
  • Industrial and Organizational Psychology, the field of psychology that studies work, academic, and other organizational issues
  • Input/output, the collection of interfaces that different functional units of an information processing system use to communicate with each other
  • Integrated operations, a term used in the petroleum industry describing new work processes and ways of working that have been facilitated by modern information and communication technologies
  • International Operations, a fictional American Intelligence Agency in Wildstorm comics
  • International Organization, a peer-reviewed journal that covers the entire field of international affairs
  • Intraosseous infusion, the medical process of introducing medication directly into the bone marrow
  • iO Digital Cable Service, a service offered by Cablevision
  • IO Interactive, a Danish computer game developer
  • Interest-only, a type of collateralized mortgage obligation (CMO) or mortgage-backed security
  • , a business document specifying the inventory goal of an advertising campaign
  • Investigating Officer, a police officer in the United Kingdom who heads an investigation, usually from CID but of any rank

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Hypoiodous acid
Hypoiodous acid is the inorganic compound with the chemical formula HIO. It forms when an aqueous solution of iodine is treated with mercuric or silver salts. It rapidly decomposes by disproportionation:
5 HIO → HIO3 + 2I2 + 2H2O
Hypoiodous acid is a weak acid with a Ka of about 10−11. The conjugate base is hypoiodite (IO). Salts of this anion can be prepared by treating I2 with alkali hydroxides. They rapidly disproportionate to form iodides and iodates.

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Io of IO kan verwijzen naar:

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.io is de domeinextensie van domeinen van websites uit eilanden die behoren tot Brits Indische Oceaanterritorium.

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.io es el dominio de nivel superior geográfico (ccTLD) para Territorio Británico del Océano Índico. .io suele usarse como Domain hack donde io da a entender Input Output. Google actualmente trata el dominio .io como un Dominio de nivel superior genérico porque "usuarios y webmasters suelen ver el dominio de un modo mas genérico y no como un dominio geográfico"

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Ío o IO tiene múltiples significados:
  • Ío, sacerdotisa de Hera que fue amada por Zeus, según la mitología griega.
  • Ío, satélite del planeta Júpiter, descubierto por Galileo Galilei en 1610.
  • (85) Ío, asteroide descubierto el 19 de septiembre de 1865 por Christian Heinrich Friedrich Peters.
  • IO es el acrónimo del Instituto O'Higgins de Rancagua.
  • IO- es la fórmula química del anión hipoyodito.
  • .io es el Dominio de Nivel Superior geográfico para el Territorio Británico en el Océano Índico.
  • Ío, dios que creó el universo, según el mito cosmogónico maorí.
  •  Io es un lenguaje de programación basado en objetos.

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IOE steht als Abkürzung für:

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Io steht für:

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steht für:

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.io ist die länderspezifische Top-Level-Domain (ccTLD) des Britischen Territoriums im Indischen Ozean. Sie existiert seit dem 16. September 1997 und wird von der IO Top Level Domain Registry verwaltet, die zu Cable & Wireless gehört.

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Inlet over Exhaust
Inlet over Exhaust (IOE, englisch für „Einlass über Auslass“) ist eine Art der Ventilsteuerung bei Verbrennungsmotoren.

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-ion ist ein häufiges Suffix beim Substantiv, das der Wortbildung dient.

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Cette page d’ répertorie les différents sujets et articles partageant un même nom.

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