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Frank-Starling law of the heart

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Frank–Starling law of the heart
The Frank–Starling law of the heart (also known as Starling's law or the Frank–Starling mechanism or Maestrini heart's law) states that the stroke volume of the heart increases in response to an increase in the volume of blood filling the heart (the end diastolic volume) when all other factors remain constant. The increased volume of blood stretches the ventricular wall, causing cardiac muscle to contract more forcefully (the so-called Frank-Starling mechanisms). The stroke volume may also increase as a result of greater contractility of the cardiac muscle during exercise, independent of the end-diastolic volume. The Frank-Starling mechanism appears to make its greatest contribution to increasing stroke volume at lower work rates, and contractility has its greatest influence at higher work rates.

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Ley de Frank-Starling
En cardiología, la ley de Frank-Starling (también llamado, mecanismo de Frank-Starling) establece que el corazón posee una capacidad intrínseca de adaptarse a volúmenes crecientes de flujo sanguíneo, es decir, cuanto más se llena de sangre un ventrículo durante la diástole, mayor será el volumen de sangre expulsado durante la subsecuente contracción sistólica.

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Loi de Starling
Loi de Starling (cardiologie)
La loi de Starling décrit le fonctionnement du ventricule cardiaque. Le cœur s'adapte à la précharge en changeant sa force de contractilité.

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A phenomenon in which the more the heart muscle is stretched the more vigorously it contracts.

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