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D (band)

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D (band)
D is a Japanese visual kei rock band formed in 2003 by Asagi, Ruiza and Sin, after their previous band Syndrome disbanded.

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D band
IEEE D band is the range of radio frequencies from 110 GHz to 170 GHz in the electromagnetic spectrum. This is equal to wave lengths between 2.7 mm and 1.8 mm. The D band is in the  EHF range of the radio spectrum.

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D+ (band)
D+ is an indie rock band based in AnacortesWashington. Formed in 1996 by singer/guitarist Bret Lunsford and singers/multi-instrumentalists Karl Blau and Phil Elverum, the band is perhaps best known for Lunsford's droll vocals and witty wordplay, and a minimalist, charmingly ramshackle sound.

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