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Advantage may refer to:
  • In military terms, advantage is the superiority in elevation which one side enjoys over the opposing element (Advantage of terrain)
  • In tennis, advantage is when one player wins a point from a deuce and needs one more point to win the game. (See Tennis terminolog)
  • Advantage (cryptography), a measure of the effectiveness of an enemy's code-breaking effort
  • A term in soccer In-field play advantage
  • A joystick produced by Asciiware for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Super Advantage)
  • Either of two ships of the British Navy (HMS Advantage)
  • In Engineering, advantage is the ratio of output force to the input force of a mechanical, electrical, hydraulic or other physical system (Mechanical advantage)
  • breakfast cereal.
  • The NES Advantage: an arcade modeled joystick for the Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Advantage (band), an English brass rock band (fl. 2000s)
  • Advantage (film), a 1977 Bulgarian film
  • The Advantage, an American indie rock band covering old Nintendo music (fl. 2000s)
  • The Gillig Advantage, a name given to Gillig's low-floor transit bus
  • In veterinary medicine, Advantage or Advantage Flea Killer is a brand name for imidacloprid, a flea-poison for pets
  • Advantage Rent A Car - car rental
  • Advantage Database Server, a database product from Sybase iAnywhere
  • GP Advantage, a brand of printer paper owned by Georgia-Pacific

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Advantage (Avantazh ) è un film del 1977 diretto da Georgi Djulgerov.

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davati prednos  
davati prednost  
ići na ruku  
povoljan položa  
povoljan položaj  
povoljan trenutak  
povoljan čas  

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اوانتاژ، :)n.(فايده ،صرفه ،برترى ،بهترى ،تفوق ، :)vt.& vi.(مزيت دادن ،سودمند بودن ،مفيد بودن
عمران : مزيت
روانشناسى : مزيت
بازرگانى : نفع
ورزش : امتياز

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