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Adiabatic Process

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Adiabatic process
An adiabatic process is a process that occurs without the transfer of heat or matter between a system and its surroundings. A key concept in thermodynamics, adiabatic transfer provides a rigorous conceptual basis for the theory used to expound the first law of thermodynamics. It is also key in a practical sense, that many rapid chemical and physical processes are described using the adiabatic approximation; such processes are usually followed or preceded by events that do involve heat transfer.

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adiabatic process

1. (thermodynamics) any process that occurs without gain or loss of heat
(hypernym) natural process, natural action, action, activity
(classification) thermodynamics

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Adiabatic Process
A thermodynamic change of state of a system such that no heat or mass is transferred across the boundaries of the system. In an adiabatic process, expansion always results in cooling, and compression in warming.

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adiabatic process
B: (Fisika) proses adiabatik

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