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AED (United Arab Emirates Dirham)
n. currency code for the basic unit of currency in the United Arab Emirates
AED (automated external defibrillator)
n. (Medicine) mobile defibrillator that analyzes the heart rhythm in an automatic manner and if it discerns a problem it gives an electric shock to restore a normal regular heartbeat

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Aed or AED may refer to:

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Aodh (given name)
Aodh , or Áed, is an Irish and Scottish word of Indo-European origin, equivalent to fire in English. Aodh and its many variants is used today in the Irish and Scottish Gaelic languages as a given name for both sexes (though feminine forms are less varied and less common), and in even more variants as a family name. As a family name, the root or a variant may be prefixed by O or Ó (meaning from) or Mac or Mc (meaning son of). The masculine given name Hugh has been used as an anglicised form of Aodh, although the names are entirely etymologically unrelated. It is also the name of a Celtic sun god. A pet form of Áed is Ádhán. A modern Irish form of Ádhán is Aodhán. An older form of Aodhán is Aedán. The name Aodhagán is a double diminutive of Aodh, and a more modern Irish form of Aodhagán is Aogán. An Anglicised form of Aedán is Aidan. Variant forms of this Anglicised name are Edan, Aedan, and Aiden. Feminine forms of the name are 'Aodhnait' and 'Aodhamair'.

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anticonvulsant drugs

Victors - Romanian-English Dictionary

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Airport Name: Red Dog Airport
Airport Location: Red Dog Mine, Alaska, United States

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